Specialists in the design, development & on-going support of production, process, optimisation, quality & technical systems in the metals manufacturing industries.

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Multon Process Technology Ltd specialises in the design, development and on-going support of production, process, optimisation, quality and technical systems for the metals manufacturing industries.

The OPTIMAT system is a Melting Shop Management system. Core OPTIMAT systems will include full raw material inventory tracking, a melting plan, optimised initial charge and bath correction calculations, laboratory management and a full cast record history. Optionally, modules for test certification, furnace data collection, raw materials purchasing and materials requirements planning may be chosen.

The OPTIMAT system can be configured to work alongside other systems installed on the client site such as financial accounting systems (e.g. Sun, Navision) or large ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle).

Throughout the development of systems, from initial enquiry to completion of commissioning and training, Multon works in close partnership with its client companies. Multon are committed to the ongoing success of systems long after installation and commissioning and to this end provide ongoing software maintenance, upgrade and technical support.

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